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I've been a sorry state of absent recently. Mostly, it's due to too much gaming/plonking about the internet, but I'll admit that blogging is far from my forte. Too much typing, too much feeling like I'm putting out crap no-one cares about. Kinda tired of that feeling though, so... if no one reads this, great. Not gonna let that stop me this time xD

So, resolution round-up time....

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So, 2013. This is the year I remake myself. I will not settle for anything other than effort. Without further ado:

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011 13:56
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Having my day sucked away by Can't read anything there, but the pictures are so pretty.

Probably not the best place to be surfing around on while at work though >.>
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So I picked up Final Fantasy 13 again while my internet was down. Cue several days of grinding in Gran Pulse. Chapter 11... or is it 12...? Anyhow, I'm trying to take out as many marks as I can my first time around. Why? Just to say I can, I suppose. Or I'm enjoying the game so much, I don't want it to end. My desire to "complete" a game usually sharply decreases after I finish the storyline. Final Fantasy 7, 9, and 10 were very much flukes in my long history of console gaming in that I replay them constantly regardless of how far along I am in the storyline (lost count of how many times I've "beat the game" on those), and I'm not ready for FF13 to go away just yet.

Anyhow, after playing quite a bit, I wanted to see what sort of fanfiction was out there. Because, you know, fanfiction prolongs the joy of whatever fannish thing I'm taking part in this time. Finding lots of Vanille&Fang fics (totally expected), Snow&Serah fics (they're canon, duh, Self), and.... Hope&Lightning...? Hmm...

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So I'm having fun digging through those. Not as many long fics as I'd hoped to find, but there are quite a few gems out there ^_^

In other news completely unrelated to fandom (read:irl):

I was informed last Friday that my last day working at the company I'm with now will be October 31. On that date, I will be laid off. And that the only reason they could employ me through that date was that they needed someone to open the office while my coworker that normally does such goes on vacation next week. ('Cuz, you know, getting in to the office at 0700 is so hard when you schedule everyone else but us two to be in at or after 0900. Good luck covering that after I'm gone, geniuses.)

Well, crap.

*Goes to dig up and dust off and polish up the resume, not that it did me much good in the year and a half since graduating from nursing school, despite supposed nursing shortage*

...Anyone got job search tips? Gathered from my last year and a half of fail at this, I...well, I could use the help.
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Living in DFW is usually a blast. I get metropolitan living without actually living in a population crush like LA or New York.

Today though, I bring to the table two complaints:

1. This weekend will be an absolute nightmare. I'll be ducking my head under my wing and being more hermit-y than normal until this whole event is over. I don't care what they say about the Super Bowl revitalizing the local economy. I'm mightily embarrassed that people from all over the nation are going to see how poorly we maintain our highways and major roads. Hopefully the potholes don't damage people's rental cars. =/

2. Coldest days on record in 15 years? I live in the south to get away from the below-freezing temperatures, and now you're telling me that I have to put up with possible below-zero temperatures? Not cool, mother nature. Not cool at all. >=O

On the other hand, this cold weather did ice things up rather spectacularly, and because of that I got to stay home. Still had to work from home, but instead of sneakily reading fanfic at work in the lull between answering calls and emails, I hopped on Runescape and blatantly played. It was great, got a lot of stuff accomplished on there.

Not so great: will have to brave the roads tomorrow, and I think the only difference between today and tomorrow is going to be the lack of rain. Roads will still be icy; nothing besides sand will be laid to encourage the melting of said ice because, oh yeah, we're not going to get above freezing tomorrow so it'll all freeze right back up again.

Just... if I don't post again, know that I enjoyed lurking and reading all your journal entries, and I wish I'd spoken up a bit more. I would have rejoiced with your triumphs and offered a shoulder to cry on for your sorrows if I wasn't so concerned that you'd be eying up my comment and giving me shifty-eyed side-glances wondering, who the hell is this and why are they commenting here?

Now, though, I need to go to burrow under my blankets and see if I can thaw out my fingers. Maybe I can coax the heater masquerading as a chihuahua into snuggling with me. Might even throw some Final Fantasy 13 from the comfort of my mattress into the mix. Sounds like a plan....

Also, finally figured out where to go to add links to my sidebar. I'm having conflicted emotions of jubilation because, hey, I can add links!, and shame because, goodness gracious, girl, how long have you been on this website? and you're just now figuring shit out?

That is all.

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Friday, 7 August 2009 21:33
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Oh,, sometimes you scare me. Or, you know, disgust me. 'Cuz reading about how someone picked up their "bowel of popcorn" from the counter, or how they "dropped their bowel in his lap" just...really, really grosses me out. Or amuses me. But mostly disgusts me.

In other news, I have another week of summer classes, and then the madness shall end. Whoever convinced me that working full-time and then going to two evening classes, and somehow managing to squeeze in transit time ('cuz class, work, and home are all over the freakin metroplex), homework time, and sleep time was completely doable is completely freaking insane deserves ants in the pants steered me onto the road to insanity is a big fat liar.

Sleep. Kingdom Hearts. My life. I shall return to you after next week is over. I promise.


Sunday, 17 December 2006 22:43
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It's not often I say this, but thank various deities that the weekend is over. My dad suddenly noticed that it was December 16 and we had yet to decorate the house.

Cue light testing, hanging, and emergency trips to the hardware store for bulbs, fuses, light sets, and outdoor decorations.

And now I have a week of non-stop working to do in a drive to get everything from December 12 and before delivered. Last week, my goal was November 27. *foresees bundles of stress and overtime and cries*

I'll probably disappear for the next week. Just a warning to you all.

*slinks off for the Week From Hell Rivaling Finals*

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Thursday, 14 December 2006 23:21
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Registration for next semester done. I'm bumping up from 11 to 17 hours and keeping my original work schedule. We'll see if I can manage or not.

I was supposed to be off tomorrow, but my dad talked my boss into guilt-tripping me to work, despite my plans of sleeping off the deficit I earned with late-night cramming. I'm fast approaching the burnout point, but my dad's philosophy is "time in leisure is time wasted". Or maybe "work at all times", or something along those lines.

Sometimes, I hate working with my dad.

At least my boss is letting me come in at 0900 instead of 0700. That's a break for me.

Well. night all.


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