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Whoo. This was a few years ago. First time I'd traveled by air in about a decade, and it was to see relatives in Germany, so I was psyched. We took off, started gaining altitude, and my ear started throbbing. A few minutes later, I wanted to cry in agony. A few minutes, an incredibly sharp pain and a pop later, I was completely fine and I forgot about it until we got to my grandmother's house. Cleaned my ears and found dried blood all over the Q-tip. Moral of the story: Don't travel when you've had a recent ear infection, even if it was three weeks before takeoff. >.<

And that was just leaving for Germany. Then, we have the lovely flight back. We encountered some difficulties on the flight from Frankfurt to Chicago that delayed us a few minutes. Customs wasn't so bad, but we then had to race from the international terminal to the domestic one, which apparently is on opposite sides of the airport. It involved a train and a bunch of those nifty conveyor belts. I think O'Hare needs to be revamped a bit.

We were late to check in to our connecting flight by 6 minutes and the guard wouldn't let us through. (This was after 9-11 and the minimal time to check in prior to departure was two hours. Haven't been traveling recently, so I don't know where things stand now.) The next flight wasn't for another six hours, so we sat around and did a bunch of nothing. My mother wasn't willing to spend too much money either, as international travel is kinda expensive, so I spent that time hungry and pretty thirsty as well.

Flight from Chicago to Dallas wasn't so bad, until we got to Dallas. There was a very bad lightning storm going on around the airport, and we circled until we could get an okay to land. Circled for an hour and a half, then had to head to another airport to refuel. Sat in Wichita Falls for an hour before the storm cleared up enough for us to head back to Dallas again and actually land as scheduled.

Was definitely not the traveling experience I'd hoped for. Still, it was so worth being there for my aunt's second wedding, and it coincided with my mother's hometown's 1000th year of existence, so there were a bunch of fun festivals and things. And it also coincided with the World Cup taking place in Berlin. Watching a bunch of people take to the streets in their cars after a German victory, tooting horns and waving and singing isn't a sight I'm likely to forget for a while. Totally worth every bit of discomfort in the plane, both going and leaving the states. ^_^


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