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Tuesday, 3 January 2012 02:32
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Christmas and New Years went off without any family drama this year, which much pleases me. Some fools at the house behind us decided to set off fireworks to celebrate. Apparently, the cops were waiting around for just such an opportunity and came down the street within minutes, lights flashing, speaking "STOP THE FIREWORKS" over their bullhorn.... My dad, drunk off his ass, decides to yell out, "you'll never catch me!" I made for the door like a bandit, my mom and brother close on my heels. I'm still not sure if it was to avoid the embarrassment or to laugh our asses off, because both happened in spades.

Within the past week, my dad kindly told me that, by his estimation, I should have already given him two grandchildren.

This is not the first instance of this; in fact, he and my mother have been discussing my relationship status (or lack thereof) in depth over the past few months, with her arguing that I don't need someone to be complete and him stating my complete lack of interest concerns him.

I'm all of 25 and have told them multiple times not to expect biological grandchildren from me. I don't know how many times I need to tell him to get it through his head, but it's starting to edge from "kinda funny" to "downright irritating."

Resolutions for this year are none too impressive. Get a job is at the top of the list. Other things of note involve clearing off my "games to be completed" list, finally achieving 99 Runecrafting on Runescape, attempting to blog more often, and clearing out some of the clutter in my room. Then, there's the ever-present "be healthy", which has subgoals of: eating more healthy, nutritious foods; sticking to a regular workout routine of three days muscle training, three days cardio, and one day break (with the cardio days to be changed at my discretion - I may add cardio to the muscle days as I get into the routine); and to balance out my life a little bit. Which means I don't want to work or play too hard, and I really need to get back in to my spiritual side because it's been sorely lacking this past year and that makes me none too happy.

Still trying to figure out this "warm in winter" phenomenon we have going on at the moment. I can't think of any day in the past two weeks that's actually required winter coats. I never, ever, ever thought I'd root for cold weather, but we need a nice, hard frost to kill off all the buggies before they eat us alive later this year.

Late night is late and I should wrap this up before I ramble on too much longer. A belated Happy New Year to the f-list. May it bring more success and joy to you than the year just past!

And this is a wonderful opportunity to test out this crosspost function, yay!
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Living in DFW is usually a blast. I get metropolitan living without actually living in a population crush like LA or New York.

Today though, I bring to the table two complaints:

1. This weekend will be an absolute nightmare. I'll be ducking my head under my wing and being more hermit-y than normal until this whole event is over. I don't care what they say about the Super Bowl revitalizing the local economy. I'm mightily embarrassed that people from all over the nation are going to see how poorly we maintain our highways and major roads. Hopefully the potholes don't damage people's rental cars. =/

2. Coldest days on record in 15 years? I live in the south to get away from the below-freezing temperatures, and now you're telling me that I have to put up with possible below-zero temperatures? Not cool, mother nature. Not cool at all. >=O

On the other hand, this cold weather did ice things up rather spectacularly, and because of that I got to stay home. Still had to work from home, but instead of sneakily reading fanfic at work in the lull between answering calls and emails, I hopped on Runescape and blatantly played. It was great, got a lot of stuff accomplished on there.

Not so great: will have to brave the roads tomorrow, and I think the only difference between today and tomorrow is going to be the lack of rain. Roads will still be icy; nothing besides sand will be laid to encourage the melting of said ice because, oh yeah, we're not going to get above freezing tomorrow so it'll all freeze right back up again.

Just... if I don't post again, know that I enjoyed lurking and reading all your journal entries, and I wish I'd spoken up a bit more. I would have rejoiced with your triumphs and offered a shoulder to cry on for your sorrows if I wasn't so concerned that you'd be eying up my comment and giving me shifty-eyed side-glances wondering, who the hell is this and why are they commenting here?

Now, though, I need to go to burrow under my blankets and see if I can thaw out my fingers. Maybe I can coax the heater masquerading as a chihuahua into snuggling with me. Might even throw some Final Fantasy 13 from the comfort of my mattress into the mix. Sounds like a plan....

Also, finally figured out where to go to add links to my sidebar. I'm having conflicted emotions of jubilation because, hey, I can add links!, and shame because, goodness gracious, girl, how long have you been on this website? and you're just now figuring shit out?

That is all.
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I had nothing better to do yesterday than go through the pictures saved to my computer. Went through my userpics file and was amazed at the collection I had.

So, I culled my favorite userpics from the selection I had loaded here, added my favorites that I had saved on file....Now, I have 20 of my favorite userpics loaded. I am most pleased with my current selection. Most pleased.

To make this post actually worth it, I should state something profound.




I hate Mondays. And I'm wearing the ugliest pair of black shoes I've ever had the displeasure of seeing, but they are probably the most comfortable pair I own, aside from the black slippers that feel like clouds. Honestly. And I've always been more of a comfort versus fashion kinda gal.

Also, so glad that the temps warming up. Last week, we existed in the teens to thirties, depending on which day of the week it was. This week, we get mid-fifties. Oh my god, thank you!!

Assassin's Creed is eating my brain. I think I posted that last time, but I thought I'd restate it, as it still applies. Fanfics, gaming, fanart....

Can't wait for One Piece to get back on a regular schedule. Am still tingling from the awesomeness of the last chapter, and that was how many weeks ago now?

School starts back up next week. Tuesday, to be exact. Can't decide whether I'm excited or not. Oddly enough, it concerns the same point. It's my last semester! Holy shit, it's my last semester!

Also, this time a year from now, I'll most likely be moved out of my parent's house. Heck, half a year from now. This prospect terrifies me. Utterly. I'm paranoid, jump at the tiniest of sounds even when in the house with others. Imagine how much that'll be magnified when I'm all alone in my own residence....Oh jeez, freaking out already. Need to stop that XD

Christmas was good. Gave my dad a jersey of his favorite player. The two hours and three shops visited and crowd fighting was worth it for his reaction. Mom got a blue topaz necklace from me. Brother got The Zombie Survival Guide. In return, I got a guitar, two sets of pajamas, an exercise ball (and yes, I really did want that), the third season of Criminal Minds, a Barnes and Noble gift card (that, for the first time in years, will not be used on textbooks!!), and a new PS2 controller, as mine was spazzing out and randomly saying it wasn't connected to the PS.

Hmm....I think that's it.

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Thursday, 7 January 2010 13:56
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Muse bit me in my bum while I'm at work. Am secretly typing away in between answering the phones and working on my report. Am glad at times like these that I work on my own laptop that I tote back and forth to work.

It's for the Assassin's Creed universe. The game is eating my brain. For serious. I play it, I dream about it, I wait anxiously for updates for the stories I've found about it. Apparently I think about it when I should be working, and feel the need to write about it as well before I forget or lose the feelings involved in it. Serious stuff, indeed.

And here be a snippet of what I've worked on so far. Concrit, maybe? )

Drive in was fun this morning. Rain fell last night or in the midmorning, and then the arctic front hit and froze roads. The Parents are protective of us and made us stay home until the roads cleared up, so I didn't make it in to work until 10:30, three and a half hours after I usually do. Still, it's a quiet day, so there aren't that many problems with it. I only hope it doesn't repeat tomorrow.

Also, would like warmer weather now, please. We have a high of thirty Fahrenheit today. That sounds cold enough, and then you say negative one Celsius and it gets all the much colder. That's not factoring in wind chill. It's cold. I want my warmer winter weather back. ;_;
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I'd started writing another weather post earlier, then abandoned it because it seems like this journal is used only as a method to record the weather I'm going through. At the time, it seemed pointless to point out Texas's fickle weather.

Now, I'm posting about the weather anyway. Yesterday was warm enough for me to comfortably drive down the road with my window down. For a person who does the same thing during the merciless summer months, this is not a thing to be taken lightly.

Now, it's snowing. Like, huge flakes that I can perfectly see from across the street kinda flakes. Cars drove down my residential road not four minutes ago, and there is no sign now that they passed by. I can't see sixty feet down my street. It's snowing, and not the wimpy stuff I commented on last time. I almost feel like I'm back up north.... *watches snow in giddy childish enthusiasm*

I'm sorta concerned about my brother, though. I had classes in Uni today, but I'm out by eleven and beat the snow home by a good hour. My brother will be driving home in blizzard-like conditions (for Texas, at least, for this is the most I've seen it snow in the twelve years I've lived here), and he drives a particularly touchy car. One that hydroplanes at the sight of a slight sprinkle of rain. And it was raining before it was snowing, so for all I know there could be ice underneath that snow. Just watching people drive away after picking up their children from the school around the block, it doesn't seem that bad. Still, I'm an eternal worrywart, and I won't stop until my entire family is home again.

Until then, I'll wait. And maybe break out the hot cocoa again. *glances out window* It looks cold out there....
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I had good dreams last night. Cut for rambling )

The weather is doing interesting things again. I few days ago, we were enjoying eighty degree weather. Now we're wandering around with snow on the ground. It will probably be melted by midday, if it isn't all gone already. Still, it was nice to see snow piled on cars, even if it was only like a half-inch thick.
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It's raining here. Again. Though that's not much of a surprise, since it's rained to varying degrees nearly every day of the past three months.

What is odd is that it's not normal. I've almost given in to the urge to make sure the town I live in hasn't somehow transported itself to somewhere known for its rain, like Seattle.

We haven't even hit 100 degrees yet. I think we had a period of 95 for a few days, but the rest has been much milder and more humid than normal.

The rain is really messing with us. Bugs are running rampant through here. We had a bad case of webworms, caterpillars that spin a web around several branches of trees to completely isolate themselves from predators and the elements while gorging themselves on the soft-wood buffet. Floods are rampant through the area. We haven't mowed the lawn in two weeks, and even then it was while it was sprinkling and clumping the grass into a maddening mess.

It's almost enough to make me wish away the rain. Almost. Even if lakes are overflowing and we need to open the flood gates, it's a far cry better than a few months ago, when we were predicting another dry summer that would drop our lakes down to record lows. Now, we've stolen someone's rain and are at a record high. We've fixed the damage of a two-year drought, plus the effects of previous droughts, in a three-month period. That is, I believe, very good.


Anyhow, that's all that's really new here. Rain. Lots of rain.

I'm finishing up my summer I class, English, on the 5th, and then I start my Summer II class, chemistry, on the 9th. I'm not looking forward to buying new textbooks again.

Tomorrow's July 4th. I suppose I'm somewhat excited. My family never really does much, just barbecues and goes up on the roof to watch the fireworks. If the weather has its way (with, you guessed it, more rain!!!), we may not even do that much. We'll see how it goes.

And now, I'm off to....errr......I'm not sure. But, I'm off.


Wednesday, 29 November 2006 18:33
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Today was a nice, mild day. About 76 with a nice wind going, which helped take away the impact of the humidity.

Tomorrow, we're looking at low 30s, tops, with the windchill around 9. And sleet. And snow. And ice. Hello, winter.

I'm not going to work tomorrow. I've never driven on ice before, and I can bet that over half the Texans in the DFW area haven't either. I'm not willing to risk injury due to my own or other's mistakes. Maybe some other day, I'll get the experience, but not today (or tomorrow, as the case may be).

Nope. Today, I dig out the thick sweaters, mittens, wool hats, and scarves that I hadn't planned to search for until mid-December. I'm checking my stores of hot chocolate, preparing the winter robe, and whipping out the flannel PJs. I'm changing to the winter sheets and finally pulling out the comforter.

Extreme, you say? Perhaps. But I've never handled the cold well. Better safe than sorry, ne?

*toddles off to -finally- prepare for winter*


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