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Living in DFW is usually a blast. I get metropolitan living without actually living in a population crush like LA or New York.

Today though, I bring to the table two complaints:

1. This weekend will be an absolute nightmare. I'll be ducking my head under my wing and being more hermit-y than normal until this whole event is over. I don't care what they say about the Super Bowl revitalizing the local economy. I'm mightily embarrassed that people from all over the nation are going to see how poorly we maintain our highways and major roads. Hopefully the potholes don't damage people's rental cars. =/

2. Coldest days on record in 15 years? I live in the south to get away from the below-freezing temperatures, and now you're telling me that I have to put up with possible below-zero temperatures? Not cool, mother nature. Not cool at all. >=O

On the other hand, this cold weather did ice things up rather spectacularly, and because of that I got to stay home. Still had to work from home, but instead of sneakily reading fanfic at work in the lull between answering calls and emails, I hopped on Runescape and blatantly played. It was great, got a lot of stuff accomplished on there.

Not so great: will have to brave the roads tomorrow, and I think the only difference between today and tomorrow is going to be the lack of rain. Roads will still be icy; nothing besides sand will be laid to encourage the melting of said ice because, oh yeah, we're not going to get above freezing tomorrow so it'll all freeze right back up again.

Just... if I don't post again, know that I enjoyed lurking and reading all your journal entries, and I wish I'd spoken up a bit more. I would have rejoiced with your triumphs and offered a shoulder to cry on for your sorrows if I wasn't so concerned that you'd be eying up my comment and giving me shifty-eyed side-glances wondering, who the hell is this and why are they commenting here?

Now, though, I need to go to burrow under my blankets and see if I can thaw out my fingers. Maybe I can coax the heater masquerading as a chihuahua into snuggling with me. Might even throw some Final Fantasy 13 from the comfort of my mattress into the mix. Sounds like a plan....

Also, finally figured out where to go to add links to my sidebar. I'm having conflicted emotions of jubilation because, hey, I can add links!, and shame because, goodness gracious, girl, how long have you been on this website? and you're just now figuring shit out?

That is all.
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So...we have a new dog. He's beautiful and small, a Yorkie/Chihuahua mix. I adore him to pieces now, but when I first saw him...I smiled for my parents, I went through the obligatory petting, and then I retreated to the bathroom and bawled my eyes out. How easily it seems my baby is replaced.

Now, I have a new shadow. He's clingy and attention-seeking, and the way I'm describing him makes it seem like I see it negatively, but I don't. It might have something to do with the way he curls up in my arms and sleeps, but I love him.

The person I definitely don't love at the moment: dear daddy.

Cut for ranting, liberal uses of italics and swearing, and constant addresses to a person that doesn't actually read this journal, thank the deities. Read at your own discretion. )

Perhaps I'm blowing it way out of proportion because my hormones are wacked out by SGH week. Maybe I'm so used to hearing insults behind everything he says that I'm reading too much into this. Somehow, I don't think so. And I'm tired of making excuses for his behavior.
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I dreamed of him last night. I was just waking up and saw him on my floor. I was overjoyed to see him and laid down next to him, hugging and cuddling him to assure myself he was real. Normally, I have no sensations when I dream; I understand certain things should be there, but I don't feel them at all. But this, I felt. His fur tickling my fingers as I pet him, his smell when I buried my nose into his neck as I hugged him, his nose when he snuffled my face, his tongue when he licked away my tears. I remember feeling happy for the first time all week.

It only lasted for a bit. He eventually got up and, not wanting to lose him again, I followed. He led me out to the dining room, where the door to the backyard is. He sat patiently at the door, waiting for me to let him out. I didn't want to because I knew as soon as I lost sight of him, he'd really be gone. I protested, but eventually my parents told me that if he needed to go out, I had no right to keep him locked up inside. I agreed and let him out.

At first, he just sniffed around the grass. Then, he started wandering around our yard. He walked around the pool, and I started crying. He went around to the back, where I couldn't see him, and no matter how long I waited for him to come out on the other side, he never did.

I woke up crying and desperate to go back to sleep because I was convinced I'd see him again. I finally did, but instead I dreamed that my mother had burnt herself cooking. The burns were severe, so I called an ambulance. I waited with my mother, but the medics never came. I got called away for some reason, and I assured my mother I'd be right back. I left, handled the issue, and made it back in time to see some strange figure approaching my mother. I forced a confrontation and learned the figure was Death, and he didn't appreciate my interference. He'd called and canceled the ambulance and told me that death comes to all creatures no matter how much I wish otherwise.

Needless to say, I woke up distraught. I wonder how long it will take for someone to notice? Probably a while, as every time I feel the tears come again, I leave for some corner.

I suppose I should take this as a message?

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Friday, 1 February 2008 17:49
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My parents took my dog Bear to the vet today. The doctor told them point-blank that he's suffering and putting him on medication for the pain could stress his already-weak heart into cardiac arrest. So, they brought him home one last time.

Tomorrow, I lose my best friend.
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I may have failed to mention this, but my betta Draco died a few months ago, during my brief bout of depression. And I felt bad, because I thought it was somehow my fault, even though I fed him regularly. And there is no way it could have been because of the cleanliness of the tank, because my brother had one that survived in what would have made lake water look appetizing, and his is still among the living.

Anyhow, in a bout of inspiration, I decided to go and buy a fish. I get to PetCo and see two fish I find equally dazzling (one is a beautiful white with red and blue streaks on the fins, and the other is this deep purple(can't be a violet, that's too light, but I am not familiar with other purplish terms, so forgive me) with these absolutely gorgeous red tips on his fins), so I decide to get them both and put them in a divided tank, so I have one tank housing two fish.

I decide not to put the top on the tank, because that would hamper feeding them, and I'm too lazy to go through that much effort. Still, everything's going good for the first few hours. Then I hear a splash, and all I'm thinking is "Please tell me I didn't buy suicidal fish." (Meg, I believe Amelie has scarred me for life.) So I learn over to glance at the tank by the sink, since I haven't moved it to its official resting site yet, and I see two fish in the tank. Huge sigh of relief. Lean back in to read more fanfiction when details strike me. I choke down the vilest curse word I know (which Meg seems to take delight in me saying), lean back over, and confirm my suspicions. Yes, the fucking fish are, in fact, on the same side. Stupid leaping fish, jumping over the boundary set there for his own protection.

Anyone who knows anything about bettas knows they are highly aggressive. Well, the males, at least. They hate having other bettas in their area, even females. The fairer sex is only allowed in the territory if the male builds this lovely little bubble nest (which I have recently seen, it's really awesome, looks like foam).

So, I have two highly aggressive fish on the same side of the partition. I flip out and separate them as quickly as I can, which wasn't at all quickly because I couldn't figure out how to do it with the one container. I finally wound up using the containers they came in, wasting a lot of water in the process. And now, my beautiful purple fish is missing part of his fin.

Needless to say, the top is now on the tank.

I'm disgruntled in my first few hours of owning the fish. How sad is that?


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