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So I picked up Final Fantasy 13 again while my internet was down. Cue several days of grinding in Gran Pulse. Chapter 11... or is it 12...? Anyhow, I'm trying to take out as many marks as I can my first time around. Why? Just to say I can, I suppose. Or I'm enjoying the game so much, I don't want it to end. My desire to "complete" a game usually sharply decreases after I finish the storyline. Final Fantasy 7, 9, and 10 were very much flukes in my long history of console gaming in that I replay them constantly regardless of how far along I am in the storyline (lost count of how many times I've "beat the game" on those), and I'm not ready for FF13 to go away just yet.

Anyhow, after playing quite a bit, I wanted to see what sort of fanfiction was out there. Because, you know, fanfiction prolongs the joy of whatever fannish thing I'm taking part in this time. Finding lots of Vanille&Fang fics (totally expected), Snow&Serah fics (they're canon, duh, Self), and.... Hope&Lightning...? Hmm...

And after pondering on it for a while, I totally dig that last one. Usually as a post!game au when he grows up a bit. Not that I can't be tempted into the occasional fic happening during the storyline, but only if it's well-written. It seems kinda...err...pedo otherwise. And vaguely dub-con-ish because here's this young, vulnerable boy dragged into a situation he can barely keep afloat in, depending on an older woman to help him out... It's ripe for being taken advantage of.

And to totally subvert myself here: I can see him crushing on her, but I can't see reciprocation because Lightning's focused on the Mission of Saving Serah and Coccoon and Not Turning Cieth, Thank You Very Much, and that doesn't leave a lot of room for changing one's attitude from young-charge-who-misses-his-mom-that-I-must-keep-alive to young-man-that-I-want-to-bump-uglies-with.

Holy shit, did I just write that last line?

Yes, I did...Really, really romantic images there.... >.<
Moving on....

So I'm having fun digging through those. Not as many long fics as I'd hoped to find, but there are quite a few gems out there ^_^

In other news completely unrelated to fandom (read:irl):

I was informed last Friday that my last day working at the company I'm with now will be October 31. On that date, I will be laid off. And that the only reason they could employ me through that date was that they needed someone to open the office while my coworker that normally does such goes on vacation next week. ('Cuz, you know, getting in to the office at 0700 is so hard when you schedule everyone else but us two to be in at or after 0900. Good luck covering that after I'm gone, geniuses.)

Well, crap.

*Goes to dig up and dust off and polish up the resume, not that it did me much good in the year and a half since graduating from nursing school, despite supposed nursing shortage*

...Anyone got job search tips? Gathered from my last year and a half of fail at this, I...well, I could use the help.
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