Tuesday, 7 June 2011

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Tuesday, 7 June 2011 16:10
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So... I finally popped in a game I've had since Christmas.

Generally, I don't like wide-open RPGs. I like something with a little more structure a la Final Fantasy. It's the reason why I never got into Fable or Oblivion.

But this game that I started playing over the weekend in a fit of boredom... Dragon Age? May have heard of it?


I'm currently playing as an elf mage (because I may have a slight fascination with magic... and hey, elves! With the ears! and the lore! and how cool are elves?!), and the story so far has been entertaining. There's a massive amount of back-story to go through, and codex entries to unlock, and - though I hate the prospect of this - several endings. There's the big bad villain, and then there's the people with dubious intentions, and there's morally gray topics like mages and elves. It's going to be a lot of fun to dig through the story and see if I can figure out all the nuances to the various cultures and "truths" that are embodied in this disk.

And I thought I grew out of my game-crushes, but Alistair? He hits every single button I have. He's blond (shallow, I know), charming, witty and sarcastic, and he has this hesitation that surrounds him for pretty much everything, and he's kinda good down to his heart (that I've experienced so far), and he loves his friends fiercely, mourns them deeply, and holds his promises of vengeance so close to his heart it's frightening, and he's valiant. (Though I wish a little less so... why did I teach you threaten, and why must you use it constantly then wander into the middle of a mob and die before I can heal you?)

Best of all? He honest-to-goodness made me blush with one of his responses last night. It was just....endearing, and sweet, and... probably hit another button, I'm guessing, one that I was not aware I had.

I'm also infatuated with Morrigan. She's very... err... sure of herself, very confidant, and she likes to rattle your perceptions of the world around you and yourself. She's observant, and she wields truth like a weapon sometimes. Only problem is that she seems to lack finesse, so sometimes she cuts so deep it hurts - not sure if that's on purpose or not, but she certainly doesn't hold back. She grew up in a different world altogether to what one would consider conventional, so her insights are interesting. And sometimes funny. I may or may not have reloaded my game several times to hear her rant about touching, all the touching, what's with the touching. XD

So, I'm throwing myself head-first into this. Thinking about playing while at work? Check. Playing when I get home? Check. Playing into inadvisably late hours before going to bed? Check. Ignoring all else in the pursuit of this game? Err... well, essentials will be done. Otherwise, check.

Let the madness commence!

Edited because...well, I thought of better word choices. I'm still not pleased with what I have as I don't think I've described it properly, but it's the best my mind is coming up with through the late-day haze.


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